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Expander 750 RX wireless remote controlled grinder

Hercules 650 with the DCS system

Levighetor 650 with variable speed

Extrema two headed edge grinder

UFO planetary counter top grinder

Waterfire single head worktop and edge grinder

Supervak 76 Longo-pack with self cleaning filters

Maxiorbit buffer – even a kid can handle it!


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klindex floor grinders

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no1equal flor Klindex or Slate Lite

in Klindex wood sanding equipment

Timba floor sander the professional’s dream machine

timba wood sanding machine

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no1equal flor Klindex or Slate Litein Slate Lite Flexible Stone Veneer

Slate Lite a revolution in decorating interior and exterior surfaces of any type. Slate Veneer with a thickness of less than 1mm to up to 2mm. Available in classic, ecostone and translucent. Excellent and stunning exterior wall cladding. Awesome interior decoration of walls.  Floors and ceilings. Bathrooms and kitchens. And even cabinets or furniture. Real slate with a flexible backing in 25 beautiful stone types. The sky is the limit with Slate Lite.

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Slate Veneer

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No1equal in Klindex industrial vacuum systems

Klindex Supervak industrial dust extractors are designed to effectively remove fine dust. Dust in any industrial or construction environment. Pure innovative Italian design. Superior vacuum cleaners with self cleaning filters, quality made to last. Klindex industrial vacuum machines protect operators. And bystanders from fine dust inhalation. The best protection agains silicosis and other lung afflictions is here. You can choose from manual to fully automatic filter cleaning systems. With the Mechanical shaker system or self cleaning filter systems.  Klindex vacuum systems with twin cyclone pre-separators. The Supervak 77 or 76 vacuums with the “Longopac” plastic bag collection system.

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Klindex Industrial Dust Extraction systems

Klindex Fine Dust vacuum machines