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Your bathroom, shower, or wet room will look modern and chic with the No Equal range of stainless steel shower drain. Drains with a visible stainless steel grate or nearly invisible where the grate is replaced with a tray for inserting a tile the same as the rest of the floor, creating a seamless floor appearance.   Or edge or skirting drains that facilitate the draining of water at the point where floor meets wall in a nearly invisible drain solution. Stainless steel drains in square, rectangular, curved, round or angular design in many different sizes. Drain solutions for your swimming pool, kitchen, garage or any other place where you need to drain away water or other liquids.   Made of high quality stainless steel, designed and manufactured in the EU. With horizontal or vertical outlets and with innovative solutions like a 360 degree rotational pipe connector and removable smell adapter that opens when there is water and closes when there is not, preventing smells to come back up into your room.   We also supply drains solutions for the commercial market, toilets and washrooms, commercial kitchens, factories or any other situation where one needs to create an easy outflow of liquids. Solutions in stainless steel and ABS. Do you need a specific solution to your drain requirement? Talk to us and we will be able to help you find the right solution.

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