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Slate Lite

Slate Lite is a stone veneer with a real stone surface. The Slate Lite production method makes it possible to extract multiple very thin slate slabs from some of the worlds most beautiful natural slate blocks.

Each flexible slate sheet extracted has the unique feel and appearance of natural slate. The properties of real natural slate on the visible surface, combined with the unbelievable flexibility of the light weight backing, make it possible to design and execute the most amazing projects. Please see for your self on the Slate Lite gallery pages.

Regardless of the intended application, be it for building furniture, kitchens or wardrobes, as a wall or floor covering, interior or exterior, Slate Lite has almost no application limits.

Slate Lite comes in the following types:

Slate Lite with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm

Eco|Stone with a thickness of around 1 mm

Slate Lite Translucent with a thickness of up to 2 mm with a transparent backing


· Wall Coverings · Fireplace surrounds · Bathrooms · Light fittings · Exterior Cladding · Furniture · Doors · Floor Coverings · Ceilings · Kitchens


 Slate Lite Technical information

100 % natural stone surface
Harder and stronger than slate tiles due to the reinforcing polyester resin backing
Thickness 1,5 – 2,0 mm
Weight approx. 1.5 kg per square meter
1220mm x 610 mm (48“x24“)
Special sizes on request

Size accuracy 1-2 mm (1/16“) in length and width
Fire-retardent material available: C d0s3

Low traffic wall & floor:
Slate-Lite Impregnator

Wet areas / medium traffic wall & floor:
Slate-Lite Perl-Protection

High traffic (floor commercial area):
2 Component PU Sealer

Cutting with hard-metal tipped circular saw, skill saw (diamond blade, stone saw)
Drilling and routing: Use tools for wood or stone
Flexibility can be increased by applying heat (using heat-gun around 400°C)


Extremely easy to transport
All slate types are available for many years to come
Easy to apply around corners and round objects
Possible to lay directly over ceramic tiles
Characteristics for slate are the vibrant colors and the flowery patterns.

For the application on floors this material requires a suitable sealer.

The shine on some of the slates originate from a high content of Myca. The Mica surface is harder and not as smooth as slate. Mica is especially suitable for flooring and in general very even in color and surface.

• Since Slate Lite is a natural stone product, samples may differ from actual Slate Lite supplied.







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