klindex Ms diamond discs for marble

Klindex MS diamond discs for marble

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Carefully choose the diameter and the grit you want to order. klindex MS grinding discs deliver high quality polished marble floors.


Product Description

Klindex MS diamond discs for marble

Klindex MS diamond discs for marble are especially designed for marble grinding and polishing. The MS series is not suitable for abrasive marble. It is best practice to test the marble for hardness and abrasiveness before starting to grind. And to check the wear of the discs after 5 to 10 minutes grinding. By doing this one avoids loss of tools due to incorrect matching with the marble to be treated.

Klindex MS diamond discs for marble

are available in grits MSO grit 40, MS1 grit 70,  MS2 grit 140.  The tools sizes are in mm 100, 140, 200, 240 12 segments and 240 16 segments. The MS series are high quality metal bonded diamond discs delivering high production rates and top quality results.

Good grinding practise requires the removal, by each follow on step, of all scratch patterns made by the previous step. This ensures a scratch free floor appearance after the polishing steps have been completed. Klindex MS diamond discs for marble give you the edge in realising high quality polished marble surfaces, making you and your customer happy all the way.

Klindex MS diamond discs for marble:

Grinding and polishing procedure:

Standard Process:

1) Start by grinding with MS1 and keep on working until the floor is perfectly levelled.

2) Proceed with MS2 to eliminate the scratch marks created with the MS1. Don’t forget to use the AKTIVATOR1 before and during this grinding cut.

3) Proceed with CK3. As an alternative for abrasive marbles, use PAVELUX M3 instead.

4) Next, use MK4

5) Next, MK5 will follow. Usually this step represents the final step before using polishing powder. However, difficult-to-polish marbles such as black, green, etc. will require further steps with MK6 and MK7 before polishing.

6) Finish the job by polishing with the most appropriate polishing powder.

7) Wash with STONE SOAP to protect and improve the gloss.

Additional Information


40, 70, 140

tool size

75mm/3", 100mm/4", 140mm/5.5", 200mm/8", 240mm/9.5", 240mm/9.5"-16segments


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