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Jumbo Green Diamond Segments Plates

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Product Description

Jumbo Green Diamond segments plates

Jumbo Green Diamond segments Plates: facilitate the use of the Jumbo Green diamond segments on the Levighetor Max, Hercules 601, 650 and 800 grinders and the Expander 580, 650, 750, 850, 950 and 1000 grinders . The listed price is for a set of three plates.

The Jumper Green Diamond segments plates are available in the following two sizes:

  • 240mm/9.5″ for Klindex Levighetor Max, Hercules 601, 650, 800 and Expander 580, 650, 750, 850 and 1000.
  • 340mm/13″ for Klindex Hercules 750 and Expander 950.

Jumper Green Diamond segments Plates, an other quality Klindex innovation for the professional concrete polisher.

Jumbo Green diamond segments are designed for delivering a superior finish on polished concrete floors. Can be used Wet or Dry. The raised segments give a longer life and produce a superior polished concrete floor finish.

To order Jumbo Green Diamond discs click this link: Jumbo Green diamond segments

Additional Information

plate size

240mm/9.5", 340mm/13"


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