jumper green disc

Jumper Green diamond discs

Resin bonded diamond discs for concrete polishing.
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Product Description

Jumper Green Diamond discs

JUMPER GREEN Diamond discs resin bonded RAISED SEGMENTS for longer life and a better finish for polished concrete. With velcro backing . Can be used WET & DRY. Jumper Green diamond discs are specially designed for the polishing of concrete floors. Jumper Green discs provide a high quality homogenous gloss finish up to the so called           “wet look” finish so desired on high profile floors. At the same time Jumper Green diamond discs have an extended life time.

The 75mm/3″ pads are designed to be used with the Klindex Spring Holder System. This system improves the finish on wavy or non level surfaces. The spring holder system pushes the diamond discs through the depressions of the floor resulting in a  superior homogeneous gloss finish.

Jumper Green Diamond discs an other Klindex innovation made in Italy. Designed with the concrete polishing professional in mind. Jumper Green Diamond discs deliver a longer life, increased production rates and a superior polished concrete finish.

To order the Klindex Spring Holder System please click on this link: Klindex Spring Holder System


Additional Information

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3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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75mm/3", 100mm/4"


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