Klindex Supershine spongelux soft

Supershine Spongelux soft

Supershine Spongelux Soft pads are sold as a kit including Supershine Soft pads no. 1, 2, 3, 4 and a Spongelux pad. The pads can also be supplied in smaller sizes on request.

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Product Description

Supershine Spongelux Soft

SUPERSHINE Spongelux SOFT with soft support like “floor pads” is meant for a more ordinary use, for glossy recovery and maintenance in large areas with autoscrubber. Used with normal mono brushes, they can polish also old and worn floors, ensuring an optimal result, not comparable to SUPERSHINE Soft but higher than similar products which are on the market because they contain more “diamond”. SUPERSHINE SOFT can be used WET or DRY SYSTEM! Spongelux is to be used wet only!

Klindex SUPERSHINE Spongelux SOFT  pads are available in several grits 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Generally you use grain 1, 2, 3 and 4 in your normal cleaning routine. If you need to remove deep or very deep scratches it is suggested to start from 0 or 00.

Supershine Spongelux Soft

are easy to use! click link to see short demo: videoplayback  

They are available in the same standard sizes of the Floor pads normally sold all over the world. They can be fitted to any type of single disc or autoscrubber machine on the market. Using SuperShine SpongeLux soft regularly, instead of the traditional floor pads, will restore the floor gloss and maintain the floor surface shiny forever without changing your normal maintenance routine. The combination of SuperShine1, SuperShine2, SuperShine3 and SuperShine4 will allow you to remove scratches. A quality alternative to other diamond pads on the market. The will not only put a sheen on your floors but also a smile on you and your customers faces. An other unique innovation from Klindex.


Klindex Supershine Spongelux Soft.

New and revolutionary diamond discs to restore the gloss on marble floors and balcony. Used regularly, they maintain floors always bright as just polished. Easy to use. Use them as a normal “floor pad” disc with a mono brush machine or autoscrubber. They remove scratches, even deep, clean and polish.

 *Kit Supershine Soft incudes: 

  • 1 pad Supershine soft 1
  • 1 pad Supershine soft 2
  • 1 pad Supershine soft 3
  • 1 pad Supershine soft 4

Additional Information

choose pad size

16"/406mm, 17"/430mm, 18"/450mm, 20"/500mm, 21"/530mm


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