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Dust control Kit for Klindex sanders


Product Description

Dust control kit for Klindex sanders

Dust control kit for Klindex sanders. This vacuum system can be mounted on the Timba and Levighetor sanding machines. It includes the Klindex vacuum 315, tuboflex hose, basket, vacuum hood for pad holder and  tube.

Please match carefully the type of kit with the type of machine you have.

Dust control kit for Klindex sanders

The dust control kit for the Klindex sanding machines like the Timba and Levighetor. Work without dust while sanding any type of wood. Protect your respiratory system from harmful substances. The use of the Klindex dust control kit improves the work environment. For you, the operator, and for others working around you. It will help in making you compliant with local health and safety regulations.

The dust control kit makes your sand paper work more effectively. And your sand paper lasts longer. All due to the powerful vacuum kit that removes dust immediately.

Additional Information

choose machine type

Levigethor 155 and Timba with pad holder, Levighetor 200 with pad holder, Levighetor and timba planetary, Levightor and Timba


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