Tytan Wood Copper Wood disks

Tytan Wood copper wood disks

Excellent floor preparation tool.

Product Description

Tytan Wood copper wood disks

Tytan Wood copper wood disks. Special abrasive disks for the quick removal of old coatings. Such as resins, glues, paint, and other thin coatings.

The Tytan disk does not get “blinded” as would sand paper. It removes old coatings quickly and completely. Thus providing an excellent base for sanding and finishing any quality timber floor.

Excellent floor preparation tool for the smoothing of concrete floors. Before applying floor adhesives etcetera.

140mm disks for use with planetary attachments for the Klindex Timba and Kroma sanding machines.

Tytan disks an other sanding tool designed by Klindex. Made in Italy for the floor sanding professional. Effective long lasting tools of superior quality. The professional chooses Klindex.

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