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Klindex Timba floor sander

Klindex Timba Wood Timber Floor Sander

Timba delivery includes: Planetary K800W, Spherical wheel set, Transport wheel set, Complete vacuum kit, Hood kit for use with planetary, 3 140mm velcro pad holders for planetary, 17″ pad holder, Hood kit for use with 17″ pad holder.

Don’t forget to order the “Easy Wood Sanding Kit” which supplies you with al the sanding paper and tools needed for your first floor sanding job.



Product Description

Klindex Timba Wood Timber Floor Sander

Klindex Timba Wood Timber Floor Sander. The Professional wood and parquet floor sanding machine with steel gearbox planetary head.

Available in single or variable speed versions. Click videoplayback to see a short demo.

Klindex Timba Wood Timber Floor Sander

The new sanding machine TIMBA your three in one sanding machine:

• Smooth like a traditional belt sander.

• Finishes floors like a monobrush.

• Sands up to the skirting boards of the walls like an edge machine.

 Dust Free Sanding easy sanding !

• Dust free thanks to build on vacuum kit system.

• Multi directional, thanks to the 360° directional wheels allowing easy changes in movement in any direction.

• Excellent sanding.

• Brilliant finishing.

• Light and easy to use. even without training.

It sands very close to the wall avoiding the use of edge machine.

• Easy to use in confined spaces.

• Helps increase your profit margins and competitiveness  through reduced production time.

It can also be used as a monobrush floor cleaner!

TIMBA can be fitted with:

  •  Mesh discs for finishing.
  •  Cleaning discs.
  •  Double sided sandpaper.
  •  Carborundum.
  •  Tools for floor preparations, adhesive removal, floor levelling etc.
  •  All accessories for single disc machines like brushes, pads etc.


Klindex Timba’s unique features are:

  • the planetarium with tempered steel gears;
  • the 360° wheels that allow a multidirectional workability.

Klindex is the first company in the world to use the spherical wheels on its grinding-polishing machines. With these wheels TIMBA can give timber floors a perfect flatness, eliminating the “wave” effect.

Thanks to the complete range of accessories and discs, TIMBA satisfies the continuous requirements of the sanding world and ever increasing demands for new finishing options. Besides the traditional parquet sanding, through use of  sandpaper from grain 24 to grain 120, TIMBA is exceptionally efficacious on all the types of pre-finished or laminate wooden floors. TIMBA, in fact, can remove the varnish layer but leaving entirely intact the wood! This allows for  multiple re-sanding cycles on wood laminate flooring products. TIMBA does not leave marks like ‘drumsanders’ tend to do. From the first sanding step it leaves a smooth surface.

This allows the operator to save time in the finer grit steps, but still guarantees the highest quality finish.

Timba is able to realise a “brush” or “antique” effect on new and existing timber floors. The combination of specialised tools with the  planetarium eliminates the need to follow the veins of the wood. This gives perfect results on all type of timber floors, even on mosaic parquet.

Other functions:

In addition to wood sanding, the Klindex Timba, with its immense range of abrasives and diamond accessories,  can perform the following functions: resin and glue removal; smoothing foundations ; foundation surplus removal ; polish ceramics and clean floors. And all the above functions performed in a dust free work environment due to the included vacuum system.

Technical data:





4 HP

4 HP










Speed Motor

155 rpm

100-200 rpm

Speed Tools

800 rpm

500-1000 rpm

Working Width

450 mm

450 mm

Tools Size

3x140mm (5,5”)

3x140mm (5,5”)

Vacuum Tank

15 Lt.

15 Lt.

Dimensions LxAxP cm




115 Kg

126 Kg





Volume Packaging

Size Packaging

Weight Packaging

0,72 m³

80x120x72 cm

146 kg


Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Choose speed type

mono speed, variable speed


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