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Luxury Wetroom Channel Drains


Product Description

Luxury Wetroom Channel Drains

The luxury Wetroom channel drains are high quality stainless steel drains in varying lengths. The luxury wetroom channel drains have a wider aspect than the premium channel drains. This enhances the luxury appearance of your wetroom or bathroom floor with a beautiful stainless steel drain.  The drains are easy to keep clean and the grate is easily lifted up to access the drain water trap. These drains come from the same manufacturer as Waterworld drains. This drain also comes in a version with a wave grating instead of the square hole design.


Technical details of the Luxury Wetroom channel drains:

* stainless steel wet-room channel drain(304)
* removable plastic watertrap
* capacity 35 l/min.
* horizontal flanges on all sides
* 50 mm watertrap
* safe showering without steps
* for walk in shower rooms
* connection fit for pipes ø 50 mm
* outlet with EPDM sealing ring
* tapering base: only water in siphoning area
* 8 mm grating holes
* grating thickness 2.0 mm
* channel thickness 1.25 mm

Additional Information

Available in lengths of:

800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm


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