square floor tile drain

Square floor tile drain


Product Description

Square floor tile drain

Square floor tile drain in high quality stainless steel. It comes with a tray that allows you to fit a floor tile the same as the rest of your bathroom or wetroom floor. This  square floor tile drain makes for a uniform floor appearance where the water drains away through what appears to be the grouting. It makes the drain blend in beautifully with the floor tiles.  The lid is easy to remove to allow for easy cleaning of the drain housing. The square floor tile drains are very high quality drains that will enhance the floors in any bathroom, wetroom, kitchen, locker room. They come from the same EU manufacturer as the waterworld drains.

The square floor tile drain is available in size 150x150mm and 300x300mm. If you want something different, then the square tile drain offers you the opportunity to create a really bespoke floor finish.


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tile drain square

150x150mm, 300x300mm


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