Small surface grinding and polishing machines

Small surface grinding polishing machines

Small surface grinding polishing machines from Klindex. Designed for professional grinding and polishing. Also for cleaning of small surfaces and in confined spaces. For working under radiators and kitchen cabinets. And other low furniture. Effective on steps and risers.

For polishing 90 degree corners. And for reaching under low furniture look at the MiniPower.

For small surface polishing or cleaning look at the Klindex Baby.

For removing graffiti or polishing walls? Do take a look at the Klindex Vertika.

For fast edge grinding and polishing? Do not look further than the Klindex Extrema.

For high quality finishing worktops? And for edges and corners? For cutting expansion joints? Look at the Klindex Waterfire! The machine no one can beat. Or have a close look at the Klindex UFO!! Bringing planetary polishing to worktop polishing.

Italian design and innovation for the professional floor contractor.

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